International Solstice Yoga and Music Festival in Latvia – solstice power, yoga classes, lectures, meditations and an exciting live concert every night. The festival is meant for beginners as well as for experienced yoga practitioners. See you!



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As in Latvia the summer solstice tradition reaches back a thousand years or so, and also it is an energetically powerful time in the world of yoga, the idea of organising The International Solstice Yoga and Music Festival came into being in a very natural way. It serves as an opportunity to meditate and celebrate together. In the festival you will be able to experience the particular yoga solstice meditations and take part in the ancient Latvian solstice rituals.

This festival will be international in every sense – featuring teachers from the Mexico, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and many other countries.

We would like to invite you to attend the International Yoga and Music Festival to celebrate summer solstice, take part in yoga practices, meditations, Sat Nam Rasayan and enjoy fascinating live music performances each night.



For us The International Solstice Yoga and Music Festival is an invaluable opportunity to spend time with our families and friends meaningfully and simply enjoy each other’s presence, devote ourselves to awareness practice and revive for the year to come.


Our vision of this festival is to merge the inheritance of our ancestors with different eastern practices which might magnificently improve one another. Family wise each of us has discovered one’s own most appropriate practices and we support each other along the way. For example, Kristaps currently is into ‘Five Tibetan Rites’ and ‘Silent Meditation’, while for me it is Kundalini yoga and related techniques. Most importantly, the unifying power is the desire to develop mentally, enhance the positive all around us and feel wonderful. It is a natural instinct to strive toward the light. It does not matter either it is a burgeon, a flower, an animal, or a human being– they all have this tendency, although the ways of reaching the light can be and are different.


The summer solstice is a wonderful time for seizing the opportunity of spending this energetically powerful time by cleansing spiritually and mentally, creating more space for the new to come.

As we truly enjoy getting close to nature, at least a few nights a year we sleep in tents. And because of that the festival generally is organized as a camp site. 


It depends on us what path to take to achieve our inner balance. 


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