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Support for international travelers
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Sandis Kristars Duselis 
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Dita Pfeifere
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Spread the word and become an Ambassador!

We are looking for people to promote and share information and excitement about the Solstice Yoga and Music Festival – spread the word among friends, acquaintances, clients and neighbours.

Festival will bring together a community of bright and mindful yoga practitioners to celebrate summer solstice, practice yoga, chant mantras and sing Latvian folk songs. Summer solstice has a very powerful energy. We would like to celebrate it together in a truly magical place, to share common values and to celebrate diversities.

Festival will provide wide range of opportunities so everyone can find something in particular interesting to celebrate, connect, make friends, improve one’s health or find an inspiration.

Spread the word and inspire your community to attend the festival and get a free pass to the festival! In order to help you to promote the festival and encourage your friends to participate, we will issue you a individual discount code in amount of 15 EUR, so everybody who will register using your discount code will have a discount of 15 EUR of the registration fee. Discount Code works only for 3 days ticket and a three-day ticket along with Mirabai Ceiba concert.

When 5 people have registered using your discount code, your participation in the festival is free of charge. When there are 10 people registrered using your discount code, your friend (or significan other) has a free festival pass, too!

We'd love to have you! Should you wish to be an ambassador of the festival, send an email to  with your name and where you are from, and we'll send you a discount code.

We look forward to working with you and seeing you in June in Latvia!


Festival Partner




We invite companies and private individuals, that sell goods and services related to yoga and healthy lifestyle, to book a marketplace on the festival grounds until June 12. Applications shall be sent electronically to e-mail:

Applications and Participation Conditions

Festival duration: June 19 – June 22, 2014
Yoga and Healthy Lifestyle Market will be open from 17:00 on June 19 till 17:00 on June 22


Participation Conditions


Contact e-mail for any questions:


Application for Participation at Market

Company name
Private individual name, surname

Product/service description

Please describe goods you plan to sell or services you will offer

Legal/physical person details for contract

Physical person: name, surname, ID number, address, bank account details
Legal person: Company name, registration number, person with authority to sign, address, bank account details

Contact person name, surname, phone number, e-mail


Social Networks

Organisers undertake not to communicate information provided in applications to third parties without previous approval of the applicant. With permission of participant, the organisers may use information provided for promoting the market.


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