Yoga Teachers and Musicians

Fredrik Binette (Sweden)

Fredrik Binette

Fredrik has 500h of education (E-RYT 500) within HathaYoga Sivananda from Singapore,
Sivananda Ashram in India and a advanced TTC in Vidya Ashram in Germany.
He is also a meditation teacher taught by his teacher Swami Saradananda.
On daily basis he runs Conscious Life Center in Stockholm, where he also teaches many of
his classes. Fredrik has quite a long experience with more than 3000h of teaching traditional
Hatha Yoga.
His philosophy as a guide/ teacher is:
- deep breathing and inner awareness and what that does to your asana practice.
- understanding and knowing more about your physical body to be able to start “open it”
- take it easy, no stress, there will be both ups and downs along your yogic journey.
- the purpose is more important than how advanced or fun your asana is.
- work with your body not against it – it is never a competition.
- a practice (asanas and so on) with pranayama and conscious relaxation will give a more full
Fredrik’s teaching style is calm and genuine, so you can just listen to him and follow his voice
that brings a feeling of full trust during your yogic challenges.


Dr. Kamalroop Singh (UK)

Dr. Kamalroop Singh

Dr. Kamalroop Singh is a Sikh and a member of the Khalsa, and belongs to the Nihang Singh order. After finishing his degree in Chemistry, Kamalroop Singh completed an MPhil and PhD in Sikh Studies. He is an expert linguist and has worked for the Crown Prosecution Services and taught languages at the School of African and Oriental Studies. He has been a consultant to a number of museums and galleries around the world, regularly travels and teaches about related subjects.

Kamalroop Singh is a Phd researcher in the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib. He has spent time examining original manuscripts and learning from tradional orders in India. Kamalroop's interests include Gurmat Sangeet - Kirtan, tabla, yoga and martial arts like Jhatka-Gatka.

Since 2005 he has been actively involved in treating and counselling drug addicts and AIDS patients in Punjab, Spain, and the UK and regularly travels between these three countries.

Kamalroop has worked on projects related to preserving the Punjabi language and improving teaching methods, and also has participated in Panjabi/Sikh Studies programs and conferences.


Paramjot Singh Khalsa (Belgium)

Paramjot Singh Khalsa

Paramjot specialises in teaching people recovering from addictions. He is working at an Addiction Unit in Belgium and also works together with Sat Dharam Kaur from Canada as a European Director to expand the Beyond Addiction program to Europe. The Beyond Addiciton course is designed for individuals seeking to develop healthy habits and overcome addictive behaviour, for health professionals and yoga teachers who work with addiction, and for certified Kundalini Yoga teachers who would like to teach a yoga-based addiction recovery program.


Svetlana Degtjarjova (Latvia)

Svetlana Degtjarjova

Svetlana Degtyaryova. Works as a trainer since 1993. A Member of the board of Latvian Center of Recovery Techniques and Yoga. The organizer of the annual Yoga Flash Mob in Ratslaukums (Town Hall Square ,Riga, Latvia) dedicated to the summer solstice. The author of the advanced Kshatri yoga techniques as well as the author of the programs for prevention of sports injuries and occupational diseases. The author of the programs: Mandala – a Method for Self-Diagnosis,  Full-Wave Breathing, Yoga in Hammocks. A specialist in the field of an altered state of consciousness.


Sat Darshan (Finland)

Sat Darshan

Sat Darshan is a Shakti Dance Lead Teacher Trainer and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer pioneering in Finland. She shares her knowledge and experience in classes, workshops and trainings in various locations in Europe and the US. Dance and music have been part of her life since the early years of her life and yoga came into the picture in 1999. Besides teaching, she practices contemporary dance, sings, plays the dilruba ("heart stealer" - a beautiful Indian instrument) and is a mother of two wonderful children.


Ilvita Kļaviņa (Latvia)

Ilvita Kļaviņa

Ilvita Kļaviņa
Yoga studio "Labo Sajūtu Laboratorija" creator and manager. herself she practices yoga for 12 years and teaches others Gundegas hot yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, yoga for expecting mothers, provides support as Dula and currently is studying physiotherapy.
Mastered her skills in the UK and India, Rišikešā and at the worlds vertex teachers Mysore and Goa. Currently continues to study at the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga founder Sri K Pattabhi Jois direct students Jonh Scott and Lucy Crawford.
Working with people is humane and simple way to seemingly unreachable things turn accessible and retrieval. In a conversation with any audience one can see the limits of each individual and their abilities. It is a special added value to classes of Ilvita - the feeling of a friend's shoulder when you open a new window of internal resources.


Marija Mezecka (Latvia)

Marija Mezecka

Marija Mezecka – a holistic therapist, a gong master, a teacher of Japanese tradition Reiki.

Marija runs workshops for women ‘Femininity Flower’ and Gong therapy sessions, organizes healing practices for Reiki training, as well as provides individual consultations.

Reiki and Gong therapy, work with voice and feminine practices – all and everything is directed to switch on self-healing mechanisms, to strengthen internal harmony.

“During sessions we are not serious, but creative, sentient and opened to dialogue and changes. Not only I am the one who teaches, but everyone teaches me and others by his/her presence, needs and questions. Together we create a new reality possessing more love, trust and health.”


Andris Purvins (Latvia)

Andris Purvins

The Tea Guru. Andris Purvins who is considered to be one of the most knowledgeable tea experts in Latvia represents the tea factory Bargi that produces the tea Apsara. Andris has studied in Sri Lanka and now on a daily basis works as a taster – he tastes, mixes, and defines the quality of tea. The wisdom of taster Andris has acquired in Sri Lanka from a knowledgeable tea specialist – taster – who may be called with certainty Andris’ teacher. The training lasted for two months in Sri Lanka and the tea Apsara has been tasted and mixed for 16 years.

‘This knowledge cannot be acquired by reading books. It must be learnt by watching the teacher doing it and trying to imitate him. Patience, attention, and a good memory are very important virtues for mastering the degustation skill.’


Dita Lase (Latvia)

Dita Lase

Dita Lase

More than 18 years Dita is an enthusiast of healthy vegetarian diet and is an author of two cookbooks. She is the founder and the manager of the first and only vegetarian diet school in Latvia called ‘Vegus’. As a teacher by education and call, Dita conducts courses on daily basis, writes articles for magazines and for the web site, in that way sharing her experience and delight of delicious, wholesome vegetarian diet and usage of herbs and spices.


Inese Dāvidsone (Latvia)

Inese Dāvidsone

I have obtained a bachelor degree in philosophy (Bc.phil.), a master degree in business administration (Mg.oec.), and currently I am writing my doctoral thesis in business administration on the topic Business of Lifestyle as a Basis for Sustainable Development in Latvia (PhD.oec.can).

My interest and an altruistic contribution to society is counselling new mothers on issues of breastfeeding support and newborn care.

I am a professional consulting Vedic astrologer (

In everyday life I am a mom of two sons and the wife of my Man.

My soul rejoices in yoga, traveling, show business, dancing, painting, and in the essence of life.

Om Shanti!




Elena Avdyukevich. (Latvia)

Elena Avdyukevich.


Elena Avdyukevich. Certified Feng Shui Form School Consultant (Blue Mountain Institute), certified coach (Erickson International Coaching Institute), taro card reader, study Chinese Mandarin Language (拉脱维亚大学孔子学院) and Astrology at Baltic Astrology School. Finished Pauls Jurjāns Music School, violin, but dosound therapy with other instruments, gongs and singing bowls, learned from Alīcija and Ričardas Eilijakas, Tom Soltron un Don Conreaux. Reiki 3. level. Study ancient history of East and West, travels a lot and draw pictures. Managing and write blog Walk with the Dragon,


Jivan Mukta (Chile)

Jivan Mukta

Jivan Mukta is a dedicated Kundalini yogi, teacher, Lead Trainer, mentor and healer born in Chile. In the field of alternative therapies, he is the creator and director of "Meditative Healing Program" ( which has been taught in half a dozen countries in Europe. This program is accredited by the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) in USA. Jivan Mukta is also trained as a Political Scientist and Historian in his home country, as well as a Doctor in Comparative Religions (C) in the University of Helsinki. He has published several articles on spirituality, yoga and healing. He is married and a father of two children and from 2011 he has been part of several projects to teach Kundalini Yoga & spiritual living for men. In 2015 he developed the education "Total Man Training" ( , also accredited by IKYTA and first launched in China and Estonia. Jivan Mukta is currently based in Finland and has over 14 years of experience in the field of spiritual teaching and healing. In 2004, Yogi Bhajan acknowledged Jivan Mukta as a "wise and good" man who would "cover the world and to make every corner flourish like a garden, where he visited in his divine essence and real presence". "God's servants are capable of removing others' sorrow and pain", Sukhmani Sahib 14:7:2


Sacred Earth (Australia)

Sacred Earth

Sacred Earth are one of Australia's musical success stories. Having sold more than a quarter of a million albums, they're Australia's top selling artists in the ambient music genre and the second you hear their sound, it's easy to see why. Sacred Earth's music is nothing short of spellbinding. Prem Williams captivating vocals have an other-worldly quality, encapsulating the depths of human emotion with striking clarity as she sings sacred mantras and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with people of all ages and from all walks of life. While Prem plays her keyboard with a gentle touch, her husband Jethro Williams adds vocal harmonies and soothing instrumental melodies, playing shakuhachi (Japanese flute), Indian bansuri, Irish tin and low whistles and acoustic guitar. Prem and Jethro enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to tour regularly in order to touch the hearts of as many people as possible with their uplifting music. They play at community halls, churches, yoga retreats and festivals around the world, performing their distinctive, deeply emotive soundscapes for a loyal tribe of fans. Anyone who's ever experienced Sacred Earth perform live knows it's more than just an ambient music concert - it's an exceptionally moving event. Tears flow, smiles spread and a profound sense of peace pervades the entire space.

It's a rare occurrence in today's stressful society, which is why Sacred Earth's concerts are often sold out. People return again and again to be transported back to that place of tranquillity, to feel a connectedness with the deepest aspects of the self and all things through the expansive nature of the music. Sacred Earth's music truly is like balm for the spirit.
This concert will be a sacred evening with these much loved musicians to celebrate the launch of their new live album ' Presence'. It will be a night to sit back and bathe in the sound waves of gratitude and healing, friendship and growth. A night to share the beauty of family, friends and send out some much needed love to our Mother Earth. "Presence" is dedicated to our loyal fans around the world. We wanted to offer an album that captured the blissful experience we create as a collective in our live concerts together. Bring those you love.


Tamāra Bujanova (Latvia)

Tamāra Bujanova

“Yoga is a quiet dialogue with yourself, a self-therapy. The more you heal, the more harmonious your environment becomes.”
Tamara Buyanov is a BKS Iyengar hatha yoga instructor, who has been practicing, teaching and living it for over 20 years now. She is also a serious zen meditation practitioner, and runs the “ANAHATA” yoga school. Tamara specializes in yoga therapy and the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of women, she leads yoga workshops within and outside of Latvia. She continues her education and individual self growth.


Malvīne Lapiņa (Germany)

Malvīne Lapiņa

Yoga classes with Malvīne are professional, innovative, convincing and always different. Classes of Malvīne are filled with warmth, humor and energy.

Malvīne found her passion I sports a long time ago, but only later she found her real love and passion – yoga. Year 2004 was the first time when she faced the real traditional eastern yoga. Five years later she graduated from Inside Yoga courses, making her a certified yoga teacher, starting year 2009.

To make her classes more exciting and challenging Malvīne takes part in different self-developing courses, seminars in order to continue her journey in the yoga, meditation and relaxation world. She enhances her knowledge in Pilates, back exercises, Inside Flow, Contact Yoga and many more. As of now Malvīne has added another trophy to her pool of knowledge, meaning "M.Y.T. - Martial Arts Yoga Training", which is a completely new type of practice, a mix of traditional martial arts and best yoga element symbiosis.

Every yoga class Malvīne runs she can share her love, passion and knowledge about yoga. With extensive care and gratitude Malvīne leads her scholars in a journey towards inner peace, wellness and fulfillment. Her manner of teaching is at the same time creative and authentic. It combines different themes, music and humor, making innovative yoga classes that are exciting, motivating and keeps participants moving.


Kristine Admine (Latvia)

Kristine Admine

I have been doing music since I can remember myself. I was singing in the vocal ensemble and later on acquired the skills of playing kokle (a Latvian national musical instrument similar to the zither) in the music school. I graduated the college of music as a concert kokle-player. After that I took interest in the ethnographic kokle, Latvian traditions and traditional music. The exploration of Latvian spiritual world fascinated me extensively. In the department of Ethnomusicology in the Academy of Music I practiced kokle with Valdis Muktupavels who undeniably is the father of Latvian ethnographic kokle music and has inspired many kokle-players in Latvia. In the academy I found out a lot of new about Latvian traditional music and also about the glorious traditional music in other places of the world, such as Asia, Middle East, the Far East as far as Papua New Guinea, and the whole mainland of America. Alongside with Latvian ancient traditions I took interest in the beginning of meditative and healing music. After experiencing a journey through flavours of the world’s musical cultures, now I have come to different, separate projects – song collection ‘Power songs. Fire’, a joint project between ‘Bezgalibiesi’, DJ-AG, DJ-Krii and ‘Perkonviri’ based on the band of different type drums and ethnographic kokle, bagpipes and vocal. Kokle is one of the most suitable musical instruments to be used in the process of healing or meditation. The vibration of strings moves the air and body in the meantime purifying and healing it, just as a sound of a bell. With good reason in Latvian folksongs kokle is called an instrument of God.


Ugis Kugis (Latvia)

Ugis Kugis

“I am just a tool in the hands of God,” Ugis Kugis, a representative of Vaishnava school and a teacher of Vedic psychology and philosophy, says about himself.

Seven years spent in a monastery provided me with inalienable experience that I am sharing now lecturing in several schools in Latvia and in some other institutions. Nevertheless, it cannot be excluded that the very groundwork for my life perception was laid by my grandmother thanks to whom I am an enthusiast of the yogic food and life style.

The smartness of it lay in its simplicity, and spiritual steps begin with correct diet.


Janis Rieznieks (Latvia)

Janis Rieznieks

About me as a Vedic Astrologer

I have been mastering Vedic knowledge since 2006, learning from my Guru, acquiring knowledge individually, examining and learning about the genuineness of ancient knowledge put in use back then as well as today by carrying out practical researches in astrology. Taking into account my experience in giving advices on daily basis, I can affirm with certainty that the external expressions of humanity development do change, whereas the inner nature of a human being in the last 5000 years has changed very slightly. The rules described in the Vedic astrology or in Jyotish work like they would have been written yesterday about today’s people and their rounds of relationships.

In my opinion, the Vedic knowledge is essential today, too, and I will help you to discover it by the use of this web site. Please, find more information on


Dr. Arne Riekstins (Latvia)

Dr. Arne Riekstins

Dr.Arne Riekstins is a professor of Bio-Digital Architecture at the University of Monterrey, Mexico. In 2011, after doctoral degree obtaining, he started to focus on healthy lifestyle, beginning with the very grounds of our diet that is daily necessary for our 300 billion of cells.

As a result, in three consecutive years, he went to Las Vegas for various world-famous conventions of experts of health and personal growth, as well as participated in an ambitious cooperation project with partners from Finland and Sweden.

This was followed by his business establishment in Estonia engaging in the imports of Hurom low-speed juice extractors and Vitamix blenders.  Resulting from all activities, he has become a great sympathizer and promoter of juice, because there is nothing simpler than the daily intake of vegetable and fruit juice. The next step is to embark on a raw food diet because eating vegetarian food ensures incomparably higher levels of energy for the performance capacity of human body.


Tatjana Titareva. (Latvia)

Tatjana Titareva.

For several years has lived, worked and studied in India and China. Graduate of the International School of Business Trainers (ICBT). Reiki Level 1. Qigong Level 1. Studies Tarot cards. Is interested in esoterics, psychology and cross-cultural differences. She likes to travel and to write for blogs. From sports she prefers pilates, water aerobics and swimming. Loves the sea and bath. Balances herself with gongs, reiki and aromatherapy.


Jocke Salokorpi (Finland, Estonia)

Jocke Salokorpi

Jocke is the owner and the head teacher of Ashtanga Yoga School of Tallinn, a dedicated yoga student who believes that yoga, like life, shouldn't be taken too seriously. "If you are not enjoying it (the practice), you are doing something wrong." Jocke's main message is that we should learn to practice with a smile in our hearts and make it easy enough to keep the hunger to do it again the next day.

Jocke started his daily practice about ten years ago, while living in Helsinki, Finland. That is where he also met his teacher Lino Miele, the direct and close student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Jocke has studied Ashtanga with Lino in Finland, India and Estonia, and with Guruji and his grandson Sharath in Mysore, India. For the past five years Jocke and his school in Estonia has hosted Lino twice a year in a spring workshop and a summer retreat, which both attract many ashtangis from Estonia and the neighboring countries but also people from all over the world.

In addition to the Ashtanga classes and workshops Jocke teaches in his own school and as guest teacher around Estonia and abroad, he also educates new trainers who help take this message of relaxed and fun yoga to the health and fitness industry with two popular concept classes he has created. YOGAFUNC™ is a fitness yoga class with music, and it's a popular class among regular health club clients. YOGAFLOW is a yoga concept that lands in between the traditional Ashtanga Yoga practice and the more fitness type of concepts like YOGAFUNC. It's a popular class among people who are into yoga (rather than fitness) but who like the playfulness that comes from the way the class has been put together.


Param Dhyan (Germany)

Param Dhyan

Param Dhyan was gifted with a high degree of sensitivity and empathy to channel the healing energy. She grew up in Germany. With the serious illness and the death of her father. she felt the need for her professional development towards spiritual-holistic healer. After more than 14 years of working experience, she developed her own deep healing technology called " Touch of soul ". The combination of gentle massage and channeling the healing energy which enables her patients to access those blocked wounds and childhood traumas. She is a Licensed Naturopath, Reiki Master & Regression therapist trained according to Michael Newton. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Kinesiologist and Psycho-kinesiologist. She also works with cancer patients in Europe and running her centre together with Param Jot in Germany.


Valdis Svirskis (Latvia)

Valdis Svirskis

Philosopher, Researcher of Spiritual Practices, Meditation Teacher

Valdis began his journey in yoga and spiritual development in 1994 while studying philosophy in Latvian University. He started to learn Sri Chinmoy heart meditation and became a direct student of this great master. In 90’s Valdis obtained a Master's degree in philosophy and began to work as a history teacher of philosophical and religious ideas. Parallel to his teacher job, Valdis began to lead round meditation workshops and lectures of spiritual practice and its historical matters both in Latvian and abroad. During later years he formed a good cooperation with some well-known Latvian media, he acted as an expert in multiple broadcasts in radio and television. In his spare time, Valdis is interested in the history of world’s nations spiritual practices, sacred music, poetry and art. Besides, he loves running, writes poetry and paints.

While leading his meditation classes, Valdis pays much importance to the historic origination of spiritual practice, developing major qualities for perfection in life, how to include a heart meditation into everyday life and, of course, the warm smile. .


Natalya Dubinina (Latvia)

 Natalya Dubinina

• born in 1950
• degree in medical science
• founder and director of Dipika Yoga School
• practicing yoga since 1989
• teaching yoga since 1995
• studied yoga and Ayurveda in India and Nepal
• provides:
- classes in Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Kriya Yoga
- courses in Pratipaksha Bhavana (yoga of positive thinking), Yoga Nidra, nutrition yoga etc.
- individual consultations and classes
- Saturday lectures
- retreats in Latvian countryside
- seminars in Adazi, Liepaja, Saulai, Kaunas, Vilnius
- yoga trips to India and Egypt


Olegs Mezeckis (Latvia)

Olegs Mezeckis

Olegs is a teacher and an adviser of the Form School Feng Shui since 1995.

‘When I give a consultation to a client I aim to help him/her to create a harmonic relationship with the surrounding world (environment) by establishing a cosy living space, as a result of which the relationships with relatives improve, the health condition harmonizes, and the hidden potential and creativity reveals.’

Applications of Feng Shui:

  • harmonization of the spaces of houses, apartments, and offices;
  • Face Feng Shui – physiognomic and typological analysis of personality;
  • Logos and other symbols – the analysis of the energetic information they contain.

Olegs is a huge admirer of Chinese tea tradition. He carries out tea degustation and meditative tea ceremonies.

Form school Dzives Plusma




JAGASPACE (EST) By combining acoustic instruments, synths, electronics, drums and bass with sensual vocals, the band creates a harmonic mix of indie, resembling a retromantic animation, and the dramatic vibes of a sci-fi film soundtrack.

Playing music inspired by the pulse of nature, people and ancient galaxies, allowing us to peek into the marvellous world of the fairies and opening doors into the birthplace of sunrise.

 Kaushalya - vocal, violin, harmonium, piano, synthesizer, tibetian bowls
Alexandr Kardash - drums, planetary gongs, crystal bowls

Now we make nice and creativ cooperation with Jocke Salokorpi.

"This is not a concert this is not a yogaclass, this is an experience"



Swami VishwaSharadaananda (Russia )

Swami VishwaSharadaananda

Swami VishwaSharadaananda was born and raised in Russia, but already for some time calls his home and family Latvia and the whole world. Swami's first encounter with spiritual India happened already in his teenage years in connection with his studies at the Eastern Faculty of Moscow University. However his true spiritual path didn't start until 2011, when Swami met his Spiritual Teacher (Satguru) - Sri Swami Vishwananda. In 2013 he was initiated as a Swami into the Bhakti Marga order founded by his teacher. 'Swami' in Sanskrit means 'yogi, ascetic, renunciate, master, teacher', 'bhakti' means 'devotion and love for God' and 'marga' means 'path'. Swami VishwaSharadaananda's spiritual work for Bhakti Marga focuses on Latvia and its neighbouring countries where he is disseminating the teachings of his Guru - to awaken Divine Love within ourselves. He is always open to provide precious guidance to everyone he comes into contact with on the spiritual path.


Eriks Leimanis (Latvia)

Eriks Leimanis

Eriks Leimanis is one of those sauna masters who grasps sauna events to be journeys of soul. For him sauna is an area without time where to hear and heal himself. It is a place where a little soul meets God in the most direct manner, meets itself through the touch of nature, warmth, scent, love. Sauna is a place to meet oneself through going beyond the boundaries set by clock time, mind and body. Taking sauna, people take off not only clothes but also their masks which they are used to have on during daily routine. While in times gone by, sauna was a literal place of birth where people came into this world, then nowadays sauna is rather a place where we are reborn, dropping unnecessary burdens, heaviness piled up in quarrels, resentment, fear. Therefore, after leaving sauna, without really thinking over their words, people used to say ‘I feel as newly born’ because sauna could be perceived as symbolic being in the mother’s belly where is safe and pleasant environment before entering this world. A place where you can hear your true voice. Heart voice.

What is the role of sauna master Eriks in this story? He himself says -  he is a tool allowing to flow, sound, heart and learning to be in the very moment when also hands are guided by the heart. Heart. Sauna. It sounds to be inseparable.

See you!


Inga Rancāne (Latvia)

Inga Rancāne


Negotiations are under way on involving charismatic teachers/lecturers.


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