Festival schedule







8am – 10am Arrival, relaxation, and breakfast        
10:30am – 11am Festival Opening Ceremony

11:15am – 12:45pm Dr.Kamalroop Singh (United Kingdom) – Yoga mantra class 11:15am – 12:45pm Hatha yoga. Life force (Prana) management - Natalija. Dubinina(Dipika Ma) Latvia ( 11:15am – 12:45pm Lecture VEGETABLE MENU
1pm – 2pm Lunch, relaxation, and entertainment
2pm – 3:30pm Hathajoga Sivananda with Fredrik Binette (Sweden) 2pm – 3:30pm

Jivan Mukta (Chile)

2pm – 3:30pm Janis Rieznieks (Latvia) Vedic Astrology
3:45pm – 5:15pm YOGAFLOW WORKSHOP ar ocke Salokorpi (Finland, Estonia)
to the accompaniment of JAGASPACE (Finland, Estonia)
3:45pm – 5:15pm Dace Keisa (Dev Avtar) Introduction to Kundalini Yoga 3:45pm – 5:15pm OLEGS MEZECKIS (Latvia) Natural cycles in the tradition of classical Daoism
5:30pm – 7pm


Sat Darshan ( Finland)

5:30pm – 7pm



ar Valdis Svirskis (Latvia)

5:30pm – 7pm


ar Dr. Arne Riekstins (Latvia)

7pm – 8pm Dinner, relaxation, and entertainment
8pm – 9:15pm Concert Join Prem & Jethro Jethro from Sacred Earth AUSTRALIA        
9:30pm –

JogasFestivals.lv commonwealth evening
The warmth of fire and tea

“A fairy tale about the goddess of trees”







4:30am – 7am Morning Sadhana of Kundalini Yoga (Dr.Kamalroop Singh) 4.29am – 7am- Welcoming the sun and washing in dew    
7am – 8:30am Breakfast, relaxation, and entertainment
8:30am – 10am Shakti Dance - Sat Darshan (Finland) 8:30am – 10am Svetlana Degtjarjova (Latvia) Kshatri Yoga 8:30am – 10am SOLSTICE YOGA lecture with Valdis Svirskis (Latvia)
10:15am –  11:45am

VINYASA (ASHTANGA YOGA) Yoga for strengh

with ocke Salokorpi (Finland, Estonia)
  to the accompaniment of JAGASPACE (Finland, Estonia)

10:15 - 11:45

Hatha yoga Sivananda – “

traditional class”


Fredrik Binette (Sweden)

10:15 - 11:45

Yoga and Ayurveda

Dr. Natalija Dubinina (Dipika Ma)


12pm – 1pm Joint creation of Mandala of the five elements        
1pm – 2:30pm Lunch, relaxation, and entertainment
2:30pm – 4pm

How to overcome fear and insecurity?. Kundalini Yoga

Paramjot Paramjot Singh Khalsa (Belgium) un Paramu Dianu (Germany)

2:30pm – 4pm Ilvita Klavina (Latvia) and Tamara Bujanova (Latvia) Discussion/lecture
Is yoga for everyone? (The functional anatomy of yoga)
2:30pm – 4pm



Dita Lase (Latvia)
4:15pm – 5:45pm


ar Jivan Mukta (Chile)

4:15pm – 5:45pm

Iyengar yoga class 



Tamara Bujanova (Latvia)

4:15pm – 5:45pm Inese Davidsone (Latvia) Attachment. Despair and burden of an era
6pm – 7:30pm Dinner, relaxation, and entertainment
8pm – 9:30pm INSPIRATION CONCERT        
9:45pm – 10:30pm SOLSTICE FIRE RITUAL        
11pm – 6am


  Marija Mezecka (Latvia) & Co





    4:30 - 7:00 Morning Sadhana of Kundalini yoga (Jivan Mukta (Chile)    
7am – 8:30am Breakfast, relaxation, and entertainment
9am – 11am 108 Sun Salutations in Summer Solstice NAVAYOGA        
11:15am – 12:45pm Beyond Addiction: Road to recovery with the help of yoga with Paramu Dianu (Germany) un Paramjot Singh Khalsa (Belgium)
11:15am – 12:45pm

JYoga to the accompaniment of the kokle


Malvine Lapina (Germany) un Kristine Admine (Latvia)

11:15am – 12:45pm PSYCHOLOGY OF FOOD a lecture with Ugis Kugis (Latvia)
1pm – 2:30pm Lunch, relaxation, and entertainment
2:30pm – 4pm Yoga class with the special guest (will be announced as a surprise) 2:30pm – 4pm Introduction to "The Sectrets of the Sound OM " and OM Chanting (Meditation) Swami Vishwasharadaananda (Russia)
2:30pm – 4pm Guru of the Tea – Andris Purvins (Latvia) “Japanese tea and your benefits ”
4:15pm – 4:45pm Festival Closing Ceremony and a lottery        



* * * * * * * * * * * *

All the teachers and musicians announced and included into the programme have confirmed their participation in the Solstice Yoga and Music Festival; however the programme and its order can be changed without prior notice.




HathaYoga Sivananda – “traditional class”

Sivananda Yoga is one of the largest schools of traditional HathaYoga with many ashrams and centres around the world. A tradition that follows what they call “5 points of yoga” Fredrik Binette will guide you through a class that follows the traditional way of a Sivananda Asana & Pranayama class. Class starts in savasana and then continues with seated pranayama, surya namaskar (the traditional sun salutation), asanas with inversions, back and forward bending, twist and stretches. The class ends with a guided deep relaxation. All along the class you will use your deep breathing for a deeper awareness, more energy and also a calmer state of mind even while challenging your limitations and unbalances of your physical body. Come and join a physical HathaYoga with a calmer attitude.


HathaYoga Sivananda – “calm & meditative challenge”

In this class we will focus on keeping a calmer energy through the class. Even if a calm class it will be challenging and even more so perhaps for the mind when we have longer sequence in Anuloma Viloma, and we will hold some of the asanas longer. The class will follow the general principal of a Hatha Sivananda traditional class, but still different type of class if comparing to the class “yesterday??/tomorrow??”. Fredrik Binette will with his guidance support you during the class to keep your mind from getting stressed when being challenged. It is a truly interesting experience when you “have to” find that deeper mental energy and positivity to keep the asana calm and steady. It might be extra mind challenging when we practice what is sometimes referred to as “asana jai” – mental victory over asana. After the final relaxation we will end the class with a shorter basic yogic Meditation. Come and join a physical HathaYoga with a calmer attitude.


Introduction in “The secrets of the sound OM” and OM Chanting Swammi

The lecture will be devoted to the sound OM, this mysterious and the most important initial sound. During the lecture the participants will be introduced to the impact of sounds made on people and surrounding environment, scientists’ researches and findings in this field, as well as the symbolic meaning of OM. Additionally, recommendations will be shared on the application of this initial sound’s vibration for the personal transformation and development purposes, and the different sound techniques that may be used while working with the sound OM. OM Chanting – an ancient healing group technique which employs the OM sound’s chanting vibration to balance and heal people and the planet. OM Chanting is carried out in more than 1000 different places around the world, filling many people’s lives with joy, light, and positive state of mind.


Meditative Healing Program class with healing techniques.


Achieving is the last stage of a longer process.

It is the outcome of a special attitude maintained consistently.

It is not the effect of good luck or random coincidence.

It is the combination of will power and wise guidance.

It is the capitalization of the law of karma.

It is the attribute of your Soul's Endurance.


The Total Man,

an afternoon workshop

A space where men can gather

and develop areas of their manhood.

For sharing wisdom

and techniques to make men confident,

stronger and intuitively intelligent.

So we create a circle where we can integrate

and experience yogic and spiritual knowledge

to become leaders with depth and power.

 *This is part of "Total Man Training", an accredited course

by the International Kundaliini teacher's Association,

IKYTA, USA. The complete education is divided in 3 different courses

which contain the teachings and the powerful techniques

of the master of Kundaliini yoga, Yogi Bhajan, PhD.


The power of vinyasa (Ashtanga Yoga) with Jocke Salokorpi (Finland, Estonia)

Ashtanga yoga is dynamic practice that will purify the body and the mind. In this workshop Jocke will explain and practically teach the power of vinyasa. Vinyasa is the linking of movement with conscious breath. In this workshop Jocke takes this understanding deeper and reveals the meditative aspect of this physical, dynamic practice. Musical accompaniment from JAGASPACE.


YOGAFLOW workshop with Jocke Salokorpi (Finland, Estonia)

YOGAFLOW is a playful yoga class based on the traditional Ashtanga Yoga system. In this workshop Jocke's intention is to bring the joy back to the practice. Yoga is a deep practice and it can truly transform our whole life, but this doesn't mean that it should be taken too seriously. When we learn to relax mentally and have fun with our practice, the effect can be even greater. Breathe, move, smile... and repeat. Musical accompaniment from JAGASPACE.


Joga in kokle accompaniment (Malvine Lapina and Kristine Admine)

The class will be a great opportunity to enjoy the healing power of kokle (a Latvian national musical instrument similar to the harp/zither) music. Both yoga and music therapy are used for state of mind improvement, relaxation, dissipation of depression, pacification of body and spirit, and healing. The strength renewing and relaxing yoga practice, led by the excellent yoga teacher from Germany, Malvine Lapina, and the adorable sound of the healing kokle and the power of Latvian mantra performed by Kristine Admine will give you an unforgettable class filled with peace, balance, and warmth.


Overcoming fear and Insecurities

Fear based living is a terrible block in the way of progress. The negative mind hooks up with your ego to push you away from everything that is good for you. Right now we are living in a certain situation in the world that is full with fear and insecurities. Fear reaches into the deep dark pits of your imagination and pulls up every possible nasty scenario it can think of in order to paralyse you. Then it calls on the ego to push you into things that will temporarily alleviate the fear and stuff it further into your subconscious. You simply cannot see clearly anymore. Its a time for a change!! Come and join this workshop to understand your fear and elevate yourself to go beyond your limited believes.


Beyond Addiction : The Yogic Path To Recovery with Paramjot Singh Khalsa (Belgium)

We are constantly challenged by the pressures and demands of our surroundings, and may lose touch with our authentic self in response to external circumstances. The capacity to connect with and communicate from our authentic self is a valuable skill that alleviates stress. Our greatest stress is when our words and actions are in conflict with our essence and inner knowing. In this workshop, you will practice effective kriyas and meditations to connect with your intuition, think before you speak, and develop communication that is aligned with values, purpose and destiny. It will be an action time!


Shakti Dance is the Yoga of Dance stemming from Kundalini Yoga. It combines yogic philosophy, dance, harmonious movement, energy work, meditation and mantra music. It includes different phases from gentle stretches and activating standing exercises to free dance and simple choreographies.

The discipline was created by Avtar Kaur (Italy) and was blessed by Yogi Bhajan in 2001.

These workshops will focus on releasing physical, mental and energetic blockages and on consciously connecting to our inner flow so we can live more authentic, inspired and creative existence.



Summer solstice is a mystery, a sunlight festivity that may become a source of inexhaustible strength giving energy for the whole year.

Solstice yoga can be regarded as search for unity, inspiration, and new experience.

What is solstice and what this has to do with yoga? Valdis Svirskis


Meditation of Soul

Meditation is like going underwater where everything is calm and peaceful. There may be many waves on the surface, but they do not affect the deep. There is very silence in the deep of the sea. When starting meditate, firstly we try to reach our inner essence or the deep of the sea. If waves are coming from the outside world, we will not be affected by them. Fear, uncertainty, worries and all the earthly hustle will be easily washed away because we will feel an unceasing sense of peacefulness. Thoughts will not be able to affect us, because our mind – the very peace, silence and unity. Like fish jumping and swimming in the sea without any trace to be left. In our highest meditation we feel that we are the sea and what is going on in the sea is not able to affect us. We feel that sky and all birds flying over are not able to affect us. Our mind is sky and our soul is the infinite sea. That is meditation.

Sri Chinmoy “Learning in Silence: an Introduction in Meditation”


Vegetarian Labyrinth

What is left to eat if you give up meat, fish and eggs? Needles, green grass and daisies during holidays?! I will not eat soya, forget it!

How it is possible to have a substantial meal just from plants – I have to work so I need strength! And where to find all the necessary nutrients?

What makes vegetarian food tasty? Does it tend to be tasty at all?! What is tonka, asafoetida and sumac? Won’t they bite if I take them?

This lecture will provide you with inspiring stories about species and food. It will be a joyful and exploratory journey – chasing for nutrients, cliffs and chasms of balancing, ABC of survival, dizziness and sneezing of species, serpentine of cookery adventures. With appetizing pictures and real species.

Excursion in the vegetarian labyrinths will be guided by Dita Lase. She is an experienced vegetarian for 18 years, the head of the school of vegetarian food “Vegus”, an author of two books of vegetarian food  and www.vegus.lv, and she is simply a fan of food enjoyment.  

There will be no propagation – the vegetarian bacillus is just so contagious.



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